Welcome To Greater Harrington CDC

Greater Harrington CDC is a community-based organization with one goal in mind: to facilitate continuous, long-term improvements through community development and foster positive change for those who live, learn, and labor in the Harrington, Delaware and surrounding communities.

Our focus is directed toward three aspects of community development: Youth Development, Family Development, and Economic Development

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Youth Development

Provide services and resources that will foster academic success, social development, healthy living, positive relationships with law enforcement, involvement in community, and ultimately a successful, healthy, progressive adulthood

- Services and support include providing necessities to ensure children are adequately clothed, fed, and educated, weekly after school program, recreational activities, mentorship activities, scholarship opportunities, career/college preparation, and other initiatives that focus on improved mental and physical health and/or behavior, self-esteem, academic performance, social skills, community service and awareness, and positive relationships to help our youth meet the expectations of daily living


Family Development

Promote social, economic, and educational programs and support services that will empower people and strengthen families

 - Services, support and seminars include tutoring, college readiness workshops for traditional and non-traditional students, career and professional development, financial literacy, computer literacy, health and wellness, homeownership, and other support services

*Every 4th Saturday at The Hope House


Economic Development

Facilitate residential and commercial improvement that will enrich neighborhoods and stimulate employment and economic growth

- Initiatives include reducing homelessness, increasing housing availability and affordability, and creating employment opportunities through the support of residential and commercial property development within the City of Harrington